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2018 Design Trends

2018 is here and with it comes new trends in everything from fashion and beauty, but it wouldn't be complete without interior design!

If you like design as much as us Realtors, you probably saw some of these coming. Here is my report on what's in and what's out. Do you think I missed anything? I would love to know!

OUT: Stark White Kitchens- while a white kitchen will always be timeless and classic, they reached their peak of popularity in 2017, not to mention they can be visually underwhelming. And while open shelving looks great, it's not always the most appealing to the eye when storing everyday kitchen items. We expect to say goodbye to this trend in 2018.

IN: Kitchens With Character- we are starting to see kitchens with mixed materials, finishes, and woods. Think blonde walnut cabinetry mixed with matte black metal finishes. Statement tiles have replaced the white subway. And two-tone islands are still going strong.

OUT: Rose Gold- seen on everything from cell phone cases to "Millennial Pink" dyed hair. If you can't let it go, try mixing it up with other metal finishes, but ready rose gold is on its' way out.

IN: Black Finishes and Mixed Metals- metals mix well with a variety of colors, but mixing metals with different finishes is an instant way to add visual intrigue and depth.

OUT: Gray- while "greige" is a neutral, safe color, it doesn't exactly add much personality to a space.

IN: Wallpaper- wallpaper is a fun way to add color to a space. We love seeing it in formerly boring bathrooms or as an accent wall.

OUT: Subway Tile- always a classic, this white tile can be a burden to keep clean and along with white kitchens, has reached the pinnacle of its popularity.

IN: Statement Tiles and Floors- we are seeing a lot of these colorful and worldly tiles everywhere from backsplashes to entryways. Versatile in every style from farmhouse to modern, we think statement tiles are here to stay.

OUT: Palm Print- much like rose gold, we saw an explosion of palm print from fashion to interior design. While we admit it's fun, it can be a bit overwhelming and we think its more appropriate for a beach house.

IN: Gingham- much more versatile as it comes in every color from gray to blue and even large checks to small checks, it can be used as tile, fabric, and even wallpaper. It can used to add a bit of preppiness, mid-century modern, or farmhouse- whatever your style may be!

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