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Sellers- this post is for you as you may be considering or are in the process of listing your aging or out dated home. The process of selling a home can be expensive as is, but buyers may be less hesitant to put in an offer if they know they will have to make upgrades,. Here is a list of some simple and affordable upgrades that can really make all the difference when it comes to getting the most resale out of your home!

PAINT, PAINT, PAINT- I can not emphasize enough how much a fresh coat of paint on the interior walls of your home goes. You'll want to paint everything the same color in a neutral, non-trendy tone. Think white, grey, or taupe. Sorry, no turquoise accent walls allowed here. I suggest going with these lighter colors to make the home feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner.

Re-staining- Like paint, certain stains come in and out of style. Consider re-staining hardwood floors and even kitchen and bath cabinets can easily be re-stained.

Replace hardware- kitchen and bath handles, faucets, drawer pulls, etc. are inexpensive and go a long way when trying to add luster that simple cleaner can't fix. Metal tones come in and out of trend as well- who would have thought brass would come back in style!

Lighting- adding light where you can with new and updated light fixtures is relatively inexpensive and makes the home feel bigger and brighter.

Stair runner- can't afford to replace all the carpet or cover ugly hardwood floors? Try adding in just a stair runner with high quality carpeting made for wear and tear.

Backsplash- when you can't afford an entire kitchen redo, think about adding a fun and colorful backsplash. This will add major value to your kitchen and bath.

Update the entry- again, try painting/re-staining the front door, changing the address numbers out, store or replace outdated patio furniture, and put down a fun outdoor welcome mat or rug. Landscaping, gardening, or even some potted plants will earn you extra bucks. After all, this is the first thing your buyer will see!

Staging- obviously no one wants to buy new furniture for a home they are trying to move out of, so consider either storing bulky and outdated pieces or hiring a stager. A stager will bring in their own pieces or offer a second opinion on furniture placement to really showcase the square footage of the home.

Clean, clean, clean- I suggest hiring a professional cleaner to really do a deep clean of areas we normally overlook

And lastly but most important, stay away from design trends that are not timeless, will date before you sell the home, or may cost you or the buyer an arm and a leg to replace.

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