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Furnace have a small gas leak? Call Xcel!

A quick homeowner tip!

I was changing my furnace filter (which you are supposed to do about every 2-3 months fyi!) and I smelled a small bit of gas. Not too uncommon with furnaces, but can definitely be a hazard with the fire of the furnace exposed. Something to get taken care of ASAP, imo. A friend gave a good tip that Xcel will come out for free to test to save some money instead of having an HVAC specialist do a service call for a fee.

It was a great choice. The Xcel tech was super nice, tested for the leak, fixed the leak, and made sure my water heater, gas line, and furnace was safe in regards to gas.

And best part, he did it all for free!

The catch is, once you call, they are required to come out. And if you aren't home, they will shut off your gas until you get home and they can meet you. So only call if you have some time to hang out and wait (unless its an emergent matter of course!)

Phone Number for Xcel to Report a Gas Leak: 1-800-895-2999

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